Do you like how the collective bargaining agreement has affected Serie A?

The Collective bargaining television contract has spread the revenue more equitably in Serie A. In the previous television deal, a larger majority of the revenue went to Inter, Milan and Juve.


1. Better domestic competition with more teams able to compete for the title. (Seeing Napoli build a title contending squad, now it looks like Roma have done the same as well)


1. Now that the previous upper mid-table is able to compete for the Scudetto, they care less about the Europa League, since qualifying for the CL brings more revenue than winning the entire Europa League.

2. Less money for Inter, Milan and Juve to build their squads as they did historically.

Compare it with Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona collect the vast majority of television revenue and are able to spend huge amounts of money, similar to how the big 3 Italian clubs did in the 90s and early 2000s.


1. Madrid and Barca can buy all the best players in the world and dominate Europe with their financial advantage over top teams in other leagues.

2. Because there is such a gap between the top 2 and the rest of the league, the Spanish teams in the Europa League teams will play their best squads in the Europa League, knowing they have no chance of winning the league title. (Although Atletico Madrid is now challenging this)


1. Less competitive domestic competition

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2 Responses to “Do you like how the collective bargaining agreement has affected Serie A?”

  1. Yuckerini says:

    Juve, Roma, and Napoli are the future.

    Milan, Inter, Fiorentina should fight it out for 4-7 and the occasional Lazio or Udinese should scrape through.

    More competition makes the league more exciting.

  2. The Gladiator says:


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