Do You Like These Glasses? Is This A Good Brand?

In my school a lot of people wear Dsquared shoes so I know they’re popular and I know that the brand s successful but I don’t know anything about them.
I was on this discounted website (SecretSales) and click on Dsquared and found a nice pair of glasses. I am a young guy by the way. I already have glasses which are D&G and were very expensive but I don’t like wearing them when I have P.E or something and I thought it would be nice to change them around.
Here is the link to the glasses:…
Here are the glasses I already have (just in case you want too know):…
What do you think of the DSquared glasses? Can I purchase them and then take them too my opticians and get them too put my lenses in them?
Many thanks!

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2 Responses to “Do You Like These Glasses? Is This A Good Brand?”

  1. Fashion Diva says:

    I would buy the dsquared glasses. The D&G glasses are really nice and you want to keep them that way. I would buy the dsquared glasses just to have another pair.

  2. IRENE says:

    Lenses would cost up to £150.
    Cheaper to go to or with a note of your prescription. Your optician is legally obliged to give you a copy if you ask.

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