Do You Like This Poem Of Mine?

Water Baby Died 
You and I here again,
An annual gathering.
This cafe should be closed
It’s late and certainly custom has died,
No sales to be made
Not like the midnight ones in Vienna,
You dream about them
You’ll become the owner of one soon;
The retro lights that shine on them
Within the night air 
Set you free,
Give you peace that is priceless,
Until  dreamland is exited.
Now shut the door, and word it closed.
Poor the black coffee
Maybe the wine will be weak tonight,
So let’s progress onto stronger substances –
As your recollections get darker.
Wasn’t this the time when he put baby in the bath?
Knowing full well a rubber duck would not be the only victim of sinking,
As when you heard a scream ending abruptly,
You somehow knew it was only the water that heard the rest,
And that daughter of yours left a mere flesh shell with inactive organs.
Horrific event
Photographed  only by the devil,
As no man holding a camera could comprehend,
This sad little end. 
Two decades past
She would have been twenty,
And the man is forty eight
Celebrating with his guilts and the four walls of a cell.
He left a greasy spoon in his departure,
And a bath that has not been bathed in since.

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2 Responses to “Do You Like This Poem Of Mine?”

  1. Kim says:

    Ooooo, baby you got some talent!!!!

  2. 5 ft 7 Texas Heaven says:

    Good morning Aaron. I was waiting to read about the water baby. This could almost be two separate poems

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