Do You Prefer Xbox One Or Ps4?

Here’s an unbiased statistic rundown:
PS4 Exclusive Games:
– Basement Crawl
– Blacklight: Retribution
– Daylight
– Driveclub
– DC Universe Online
– Final Fantasy XIV
– Final Fantasy XV
– PlanetSide 2
– War Thunder
– Warframe
– Infamous: Second Son
– Killzone: Shadowfall
– Knack
– Kingdom Hearts III
– The Order: 1886
– Primal Carnage: Genesis
– Super Stardust
Xbox One:
– Metal Gear Solid V
– New Halo
– TitanFall
– Ryse: Son of Rome
– Sunset Overdrive
– Killer Instinct
– Forza Motorsport 5
– Minecraft
– Quantum Break
– Crimson Dragon
– D4
– Dead Rising 3
– The Witcher 3
– Battlefield 4
– What Lies Below
– Project Spark
PS4 has a slightly better graphics card, and slightly better RAM.
PS4 looks like this:…
Xbox One looks like this:…
PS4: $399 // £349
Xbox One: $499 // £429 – Includes Xbox Kinnect
PS4 Pros & Cons:
– Better Hardware
– BluRay
– Free PlayStation Network
– Free to share games / play preowned games
– Controller offers more features
x Often second priority for exclusivity in game titles and DLCs.
x PlayStation Eye not included in price
Xbox One:
– BluRay
– Currently has large priority in gaming titles
– Comes with kinnect
– Offers a wide range of media features
x Can only play games when connected to the internet
x Have to pay to share or play a pre-used game
x Must pay to play online gaming

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5 Responses to “Do You Prefer Xbox One Or Ps4?”

  1. Mr. X-CLU$IV says:


  2. Sebastia says:

    Me i prefer PS4 over Xbox One personal i think the games are better and PS4 is cheaper. Its been put to a vote and PS4 turns out to be the one that people will buy.

  3. American says:

    I have been an Xbox player for many years. Back to CoD 4.
    I have spent countless hours on my Xbox.
    I love the fact that you are able to change your name on Xbox Live.
    But you pay $60 a year.
    Xbox has better exclusives IMO. (I was on one of the best Halo Reach SWAT teams in the world)
    Xbox has better friend interaction online. Party chat is a great idea. I’m hoping that it will be on the PS4.
    In the last 2 months, I have bought a PS3. I have enjoyed it, but most of my real life friends have 360s so it is not as fun. I think the PS3 controllers are better. The interface is clean, and quick, unlike the 360.
    But those are last gens consoles now. You are asking about the new ones.
    The Xbox one is a house monitor which I don’t really like. Mandatory online check ups every 24H. Cost money every month. Can’t buy used games. Always have to have kinnect plugged in.
    I hand my money to Sony in a heartbeat.

  4. spyrocro says:

    Neither… Get Wii U or PC

  5. Darby says:

    i would prefer PS4 over the Xbox one because Xboxes are great and all, but they break for apparently no reason. plus you CANT PLAY PRE OWNED GAMES ON THE XBOX ONE! D:< I think in this case the Playstation 4 is your best friend

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