Do you sell items on… can you answer my question?

This question is about postage for sellers on Amazon.

I sold a video game on amazon and the buyer paid the fixed postage price that Amazon has set.

After fees taken from my £22.00 (i think it was) i should have been left with about £19.40 ( i believe).

But the £2.03 postage money that the seller paid was taken by So i was then left with only a little molre than £17.50.

ebay don’t steal your postage money so why do

Because of that you have to add the postage money to the buy it now price but then that just puts the price up even more and then there’s no point in selling because no-one will pay that.

If i knew Amazon did that and that was all i was going to be left with i wouldn’t have bothered.

It’s ridiculous!

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One Response to “Do you sell items on… can you answer my question?”

  1. peter s says:

    When you listed your game the last screen before it is listed tells you exactly how much you will receive once it sells if you did not look at it that is not amazon’s fault, it also tells you how much on the email you received to tell you that it was listed.
    From that final price you then have to pay for the postage (whether you send it recorded 1st class or standard 2nd class you do not get any increase it’s your choice) and any packaging you use out of the money you will get. You do not get extra on top of it for postage.

    See the link below for fees and more details:

    As for ebay, actually you will find that both ebay and paypal both take a cut of your postage fee and I generally find you can get a higher price selling on amazon compared to ebay, plus with amazon it’s listed until it sells whether that is 6 days or 6 years whereas ebay is 28 days max.

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