Do you shop at Marks and Spencer?

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28 Responses to “Do you shop at Marks and Spencer?”

  1. Hanny says:

    Sometimes, their food is great and their clothing is of good quality.

  2. robert m says:


  3. Fork UK says:

    No, I shop at George

  4. Believe? says:


  5. GRAMPS says:


  6. :) Love it :) says:

    No. I know its stereotypical but i see it as a ‘old persons’ shop

  7. oolala12340 says:

    Only jewellry..

    its well expensive..
    and the clothes are mostly for

    old people..

  8. mt03 ben says:

    nope not 85yrs old yet!

  9. Matt says:

    I shop in Oxfam. Good clothes, cheap, cheap prices.

  10. Hedge Witch says:

    Sometimes – not often at the moment actually

  11. rebeccakost says:

    no, neither of those places. i like urban outfiters.

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  12. donna s. says:

    no i shop at walmart

  13. myayro says:

    Yes-mainly for the food though

  14. AfroDukes says:

    No i shop at the black market. Discount booze, chlothes(although they stink of smoke) and all the cocaine u culd ask for

  15. Gemma B says:

    sometimes but not very often
    normally for jewelery or linger wear (:

  16. tots94 says:

    marcs and spencers? yes if that is what your talking about but marks? spencer? idk what those are.

  17. Colette says:


    it has some really decent clothes in at the moment.
    some of the people i know who forbid to shop in Marks & Spencers shop in Primark – hypocrites.

    alot of their stuff are really good, ive asked many friends what they’re wearing and they say either of the above 🙂 if you dont want to tell your friends, just say ”i cant remember”

  18. JuicyFruit says:

    yuppo. cause its the nearest supermarket to where we live

  19. MensaMan says:


  20. dont call me wave says:


  21. Jacky says:

    Yes, but not as often as I used to.

  22. Hat-A-Tat-Tat says:

    yes…lots! love their Per Una range, their underwear & of course…their food.

  23. Ding Dong says:

    Yes, but only for food.

  24. Naomi says:

    my mum sometimes gets some food there
    "not just good, m&s tasty indulging food!"

  25. Rainbow Bob says:

    Sometimes for lunch or a bottle of wine.

  26. dee l says:

    only for food

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