Do You Still Support The Internet Sales Tax, Even Knowing Amazon Supports It?…
Even knowing it will hurt the little and medium sized companies who have an internet presence, even if they also have a brick and mortar store that it’s based out of?
Even knowing that Amazon will sell a product that every business will need to understand the jumble of 9600 different sales tax regulations across the country that a small business with an online presence needs to keep track of?
How does this help small business when almost EVERY business has a website and most do business online?

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7 Responses to “Do You Still Support The Internet Sales Tax, Even Knowing Amazon Supports It?”

  1. Big Mo says:


  2. Gail says:

    yes, even though you have no proof of the allegations you posted

  3. Social Individualist says:

    Internet sales taxes, depending on how they are collected, can be almost impossible to collect. Yes, companies like Amazon will be able to collect them, but it will be an unwelcome burden on small businesses and consumers. I live in Ohio, and we have a tax on online purchases. You have to declare your internet purchases on the state income tax return, but most people do not pay them.

  4. civil_av says:

    It discriminates against online retailers. Say I live Vancouver, WA and drive to Portland, OR to go shopping. There is no sales tax in OR. Should the stores be forced to pay the Vancouver sales tax even though they are in Portland? Same logic applies to the internet.

  5. Peace says:

    I do not support any tax on anything.

  6. the night of the zombie g says:

    every business has to keep track of taxes… that’s life…
    it doesn’t help small business owners and that’s not the point…

  7. Bill_the says:


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