Do You Think I Can Work At This Horse Stable?

So i’ve always wanted a horse and i have horse experience, my mom said she would get me one for Christmas if we had enough money to keep up with it every month. So I called this stable (which is conveniently right next to my neighborhood which means i could have my bus just drop me off after school) and he said stall boarding is $325 a month and he said pasture boarding is $170, so i asked him about working their in exchange for a discount and he said “Yeah that would be ok”, we didn’t talk for long because he was in the car and had to go. He has tons of land and like two arenas and a few horses which i presume are his. Do you think I could possibly work there in exchange for just riding his horses around in the arenas? This has kinda been a dream for me because I’m not an average teenage girl who obsesses over makeup and boys I just like being a tom boy and being around horses and learning about them.

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3 Responses to “Do You Think I Can Work At This Horse Stable?”

  1. sazzy says:

    If you work there, more than anything you’ll probably be trailing around after his horses muck, if you’re lucky you might get a few rides. If you’re working off board, he’ll more than likely give you the naff jobs.
    If you do take on that, make sure you discuss exactly how much he expects you to do and what is involved.

  2. Sabrina says:

    It certainly is very fun being around horses, isn’t it? I have also wanted a horse for so long but I live in the town and horses are so expensive 🙁
    Working at that horse stable would be a good idea but you have to find out what your getting yourself into first. I have visited a horse stable before and I will tell you now that not all of the horses are completely tamed and it wouldn’t be easy to try to brush a wild horse or to get it out of its stable box (or wherever it is) to clean up. And horses aren’t easy to care for too.
    But overall I think that working there would be great. Just find out how much of a discount you would get and talk to the man to find out extra info on the horses.

  3. Elsewher says:

    There’s no harm in asking. You should e-mail him the details this time instead of trying to call, you will get a better response. The two big issues he might have are your age and your experience level. Minors are a liability, he would be responsible for your safety. He also may not want to spend the time training you if you aren’t already familiar with basic horse care. Or he may not have any horses suitable for your riding level. Either be prepared to address these issues, or at least understand why he may turn you down.

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