Do You Think I Will Get Some Compensation?

On my last plane trip, the plane was an hour late taking off due to mechanical problems (engine) and it was overbooked. the employees were basically begging us to give up seats for this family. I complained to the airline. Do you think anything will be done?

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4 Responses to “Do You Think I Will Get Some Compensation?”

  1. Jezzikah says:

    Since it was only delayed for a hour the airline doesn’t have to do anything. If it would of been 2 hours they would of gave you food/drink vouchers to use at the airport.

  2. Too Ragidda Lemmings says:

    why yhu be needin somting in return?
    sumtimes unpleasant **** be happening n yhu aint special n nobody else be special so jus chill da **** out n foget bout it

  3. Parisiv says:

    Usually when you give up your seat they compensate you on the spot. They upgrade you on the next flight.
    If nothing was done then it’s over.

  4. MOEJ says:

    Little to nothing. Sorry pal.

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