Do You Think That The Long Term Unemployed Should Ve Given Food/gas/electic Vouchers Instead Of Cash?

I do. and they should be made to go out and pick up litter, say, once a week.

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5 Responses to “Do You Think That The Long Term Unemployed Should Ve Given Food/gas/electic Vouchers Instead Of Cash?”

  1. Michael says:

    If you give slackers that for free there will be many more slackers

  2. Lily B Talus says:

    No…they wont have money for papers, school trips, laundry etc. etc…this will also increase crime and the black market as they would be forced to sell the vouchers if they needed other things such as to pay doorstep lenders…and this is unfair on those who have worked all their lives but are now on their uppers due to the lack of jobs. Being poor is speedily becoming a crime in this country and it’s unfair to penalise those who have nothing.

  3. CSF says:

    I think your idea of picking up litter is a bit harsh. Maybe people just shouldn’t litter in the first place. :S
    The voucher idea is a good idea. BUT, the problem is each person would need to be individually assessed. What one person needs in gas may be more than what another person needs due to vehicle differences. And what one person eats in a week or specifically buys could be less or more. If you consider something such as milk vs. water… milk is much more expensive so someone who drinks a lot of that would definitely spend more. It would just be too hard to calculate for specific vouchers. And it would be horrible to see someone not be able to buy enough food but have extra money for gas.

  4. Sarah says:

    Then all the litter pickers will be unemployed! I hear what you’re saying though. Most people on benefits are genuine but there are still too many who have no intention of looking for work and spend their benefits on drugs and alcohol!!

  5. Falloutk says:

    Intresting oppinion
    I take it you mean instead of benefits.
    I guest it could work.

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