Do You Think The Leo Venus Man That I Met On Horoscopes Section Will Come Back To Me?

we used to be so close…he stopped talking to me a month ago….last thing he said to me was “hey babe,,,, 1st im not mad or pissed i was just sleepin when i returned…sorry i didnt reply i have no balance on my cell…i still love you so f-k’ing much and i hope u stop actin like this just getting mad for no reason…i am extremely busy at work these days….i have bigger responsibilities these days..lemme prove it to you..i have to make sales watch over my team and answer to the ceo too…i miss you and i will speak with you soon plz be patient…ilysm”
im a saggi sun cancer moon girl….im praying so hard that he will talk to me again soon…im going crazy here….i think the reason he stopped talking to me was because i sent him angry texts, accusing him of being with another girl?? but i apologized about that and begged him to talk to me again…he still wont reply…im getting worried…

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