Do You Think This Dress Will Suit?

I’m a larger girl (UK size 20), but I’m a clear hourglass shape, busty, hips and a defined waist. The dress I want is in a medium-dark teal and I want to team it with silver accessories, but I’m worried that this might be too bright for my shape? I always wear black massive shirts and jeans so this will be a first!! The link for the dress is below as well as the colour chart, the colour is Ink Blue and it’s in Chiffon material which I think will skim nicely over the less desirable bits! Obviously going to wear a pashmina thing as my arms aren’t skinny but not big I don’t mind not wearing one.
Please advise, my mum thinks I’ll look huge no matter what (I’m not expecting to look like the model!) but I really like the dress.
Colour Chart;
Thanks guys.
Em x

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One Response to “Do You Think This Dress Will Suit?”

  1. anonymou says:

    I think the dress will look really good. The cinched waist will define your waist and show off your hourglass shape and the flowy skirt will skim over your hips.:)

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