Do You Think This Idea Would Work? Thorpe Park Vouchers…?

Basically me and 3 others are going to Thorpe Park this friday. In my paper round I found leaflets to get someone in for free, 4 per leaflet. I find out by doing research that 1 voucher may be used per transaction though. So I have an idea that us 4 would go in single file- one person would go to the gate, then a few minutes later the next would and so on so things won’t be too suspicious and hopefully if it works we would all get into the park for free.
If the single file idea doesn’t work then we have another idea. This time we would go in pairs. One person would use the voucher to get in for free, but we’d ask the people who work at the gates if we could split it so that we each pay half of a normal ticket price, which would account for the other person who has to pay.
Do you guys think either of these ideas would work?

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One Response to “Do You Think This Idea Would Work? Thorpe Park Vouchers…?”

  1. Emma says:

    You wont get on for free, that wont work. Yes two of you could spilt the bill so you’re paying like £16 (or how ever much it is these days) each. I do it every year i go.

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