Do You Think We Glorify Our Military Too Much?

I support our troops and hope for their safe return soon but it seems like society expects me to be waiting on them hand and foot, fufilling any wish they want. For example, The Electrical company I work for doesnt have a Military discount (We tried it and it lost us money). When I went to a service members house to do repairs and installations, he showed me his ID and got very angry when I said we dont have a military discount. He ended up complaining about the “Anti-American employee” to my boss and stating how he is a veteran and deserves slack because he fought for our freedom. This isnt the first time. Now most veterans I meet are complete opposite but it seems like the rising number of veterans like the one I mentioned here are rising.

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12 Responses to “Do You Think We Glorify Our Military Too Much?”

  1. DrZ says:

    I think your example of a vet is few and far in-between. As a vet, we don’t expect much in the world. Vets of my generation (Vietnam) are still waiting for America to realize they sent us to do a job…which we did…and without even a thank you or a welcome home.
    My gut instinct is your story isn’t true however I can see where some vets might feel they rate something but that would tend to be the younger ones of the gimme generation.
    I don’t believe the military is to be glorified but I do believe those men and women who serve deserve some respect and appreciation for giving four years (minimum) of their lives to the people of America.
    Semper Fidelis,
    I am a Vietnam vet as well…and I personally am damn glad our returning troops are treated much better than we were. I am one of the many old men who stood in airports welcoming them home. We worked to make sure our troops are treated much better then we were treated. To me…when I hear our military celebrated…. I take it as a job well done on part of those ‘old Vietnam Vets.’
    Tell your husband…welcome home and job well done from someone who was there as well.

  2. Brad says:

    I used to not think so but after these past two years Ive started thinking other wise.
    My nephew tried to commit suicide because when he was PDQ’d from the Military (due to Asthma) he was often cited for not serving, no matter what he did they thought he was a coward because ALL of his graduating class joined (yes, all of them, except for him).
    But yes, I do think we glorify our military too much sometimes. It seems as if you cant understand America until you serve, which is NOT true. the Soldiers job is just as important as the Farmer, who plants the food to feed the troops. The job is just as much as important as the factory worker who works 2 jobs in an environment that is statistically dangerous as the battlefields of today all in the Name for a few measly dollars. The latter two are true American Heroes.

  3. Black Suede says:

    Watch the opening sequence to “Saving Private Ryan” and then wonder if they don’t deserve all the praise and more.

  4. Wine, wine U dirty skunk says:

    Lots more to this story…
    So…your business DID used to offer a discount. And now doesn’t. Because it was “losing you money”…
    So did that service member you mentioned hire your business under the mistaken impression that you still offered the discount? And then was upset when he found out you no longer do?
    And what “every wish we want” has been fulfilled?
    Your little piddly a$$ discount that “loses you money’ nothing more than publicity and a write off anyways….not showing real support for the troops…which is obvious from your post
    We have been at war now over 10 years. And the only people that have been affected are the military and their families which is less than 1% of the population. A little gratitude is in order.
    And btw…I do business with those that do offer discounts…and avoid those that do not…or those like yours that used to and no longer do for the sake of profit…and word of mouth advertising is a motherf*cker
    “I support our troops and hope for their safe return soon” followed by “but it seems like society expects me to be waiting on them hand and foot”
    Don’t even try it…you “support our troops” my a$$…exactly how? what have YOU done exactly to EVER support a troop or family member?
    Wow Gloria..bitter much? Your husband..IF..he is REALLY a Vietnam Vet…should be the forst to understand this and support it. Which is why I suspect he isn’t.

  5. V says:

    I think your approach to the mentality is wrong… is not about glorification, that’s something you want and don’t have (that’s why you worded your question like that). Service members/Vets do not demand “glory from society”.
    I’ve never heard of a veteran flashing an ID card and demand a discount, the service provider usually asks for it once the person has inquired whether a discount is available or not.
    I’ll also say that there’s more to the story than this, and that your approach during the situation was probably the real culprit.

  6. 603 says:

    No, if anything the country has become less appreciative. In the beginning of the war there were veteran and service member discounts everywhere. They are few and far between these days. I was going to a school for the army and had to report in uniform. When I first joined in early 09 it was “thank you for serving” every ten feet (to point it almost got annoying). Now I basically just get stared at.
    This whole “i support the troops” thing was nothing but a fad to the majority of Americans. Like it was cool be seen thanking a soldier. Most couldn’t give a **** now.

  7. Cal says:

    Not nearly enough.

  8. gloria says:

    yes i think we do. i am sick and tired of this “hero” crap. every soldier coming home now from overseas is seen as a hero. you see them on tv at sporting events “suprising” families, in schools suprising their kids, in parades, town having parties to welcome them home. robin meade even has people call in and leave a message for someones “hero” soldier on her news show. enough is enough. my husband is a viet-nam vet and people looked at him as a baby killer when he got home. he went through hell and got treated like crap. no one was there at the airport to welcome him home or a parade was held in his honor. i can see a change in him whenever he hears the news and nothing but hero this hero that. my husband and i wish the troops well and hope they come home safe but enough is enough.

  9. DeerAssa says:

    The sacrifices our soldiers make are far more important than your business’s greed and disrespect.
    This was written on a piece of cardboard and nailed to a tree in khe sahn in 1965 “Freedom has a price the protected will never know.”

  10. NavyCrab says:

    I don’t think you can place blame on the military as a whole; some people just feel “entitled” for things that they want, but cannot have. Aside from the “cut me some slack, I’m a veteran,” I have also heard these few examples: “C’mon Man, I played for the Bulls” (a former Bulls player didn’t want to wait in line to get into a dance club), “I’m a taxpayer, I pay your salary” (my cousin pulled a driver over for doing over 65 mph. on Lake Shore Drive with the speed limit of 40 mph.), “I’m an American, you can’t do that to me” (a drunk American guy was getting kicked out of a bar in Cork, Ireland).

  11. AppleBut says:

    Yes, we way over-do it. All are considered heroes even if they never saw action. Even if they did, there’s nothing brave about being shot at and shooting back. Even a dumb street gangster can do that. And this is America, capitalism rules, what did he think he was fighting for ? Justice HA!

  12. A says:

    Yes, since all MILITAIRY are trained to become KILLERS and MURDERERS or they are actively contributing to the slaughter of other equal human beings on this planet.. They are all victims of a global mindf*** operation that results in the fact that they are WILLING giving up their valuable lives in corporate, geopolitcal wargames by those who really control their minds.. The old man in the global governments. […
    I feel deeply sorry for them..alive, dead or hurt/injured on the killingfields of this planet.
    Soldiers go home (if you still have any) and help your families that are being raped by their own “elected” government politicians, since they are the source of all forms of terrorism against all of MANKIND on this planet..

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