Do you think women have adapted to deals with the ways of men?

You think time ago, when men loved the fact that women were "second", and they could do whatever they want because the woman was emotionally fragile, and clung to her husband with everything she had. Anything was better than being alone, right?

But now, generally, i think we’ve become more sufficient, more adept at dealing with their general behaviour. If they lie, we call them out. If they cheat, we leave them. We’re not afraid to confront these things, instead of brushing it under the carpet in the hopes of a peaceful life. And i think this is what men are not liking right now. The fact we’ve made ourselves stronger in every way possible. They complain that we’re not feminine anymore. But in this world, women have had to be like this in order to have a decent life. So how can they moan about it really?

Are you glad you’ve been born into these times? Instead of being a doormat for some man? Just thinking about those women in times gone by, how they had to live, just makes me skin scrawl. Being subservient. Yuck

What do you think?

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One Response to “Do you think women have adapted to deals with the ways of men?”

  1. spew bull says:

    now men are having to adapt to womens ways 🙁

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