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Tell me your views about the e-commerce company.

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14 Responses to “Do you trust”

  1. lozzer says:

    yes i trust it i have boaght lots of things of that website

  2. Porkamon says:

    Yes – very trustworthy. Have had no problems at all.

  3. Keith Raisin Morben says:

    I have used both (who route stuff through to try and avoid customs duty) and on many occasions and I have never had any problems. I have bought quite expensive items for work (laser toner cartidges, imaging drums) and intermediate and cheap things for myself. Everything I have ordered has been of satisfactory quality, worked well etc. Do check and avoid merchants who have a lot of recent (0 to 6 months) poor feeedback.

  4. cookie says:

    I have bought many things from there and I have never had any problems, so yeah I do trust them

  5. Carly says:

    yes I do. ive never had any problems buying from amazon. They let you know when your items will be delivered, you can track your packages so all in all very trustworthy, even though a tad expensive on delivery charges.

  6. uknative says:

    I buy most of my books through, and also CD’s. I’ve always found them to be efficient and reliable and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.

  7. Away With The Fairies says:

    I’ve had no problems with them so far.

  8. bettyblue says:

    Totally trustworthy and reliable for buying and selling.

    Never had an issue in the many years I have used them.

  9. Buddy says:

    very trustworthy no problems so far

  10. Ivan R says:


    (ANS) YES! I have an account with them and so did my dad back in the 1990’s. I have used many times and never had a single glitch or payment problem 100% trustworthy in my view.

    **Always check the browser is using https though.

    Kind Regards Ivan

  11. Bryan A says:

    I’ve been with Amazon since November 2007. I’ve sold some 2nd hand stuff from my loft, kids stuff. In all I think I’ve sold about 500gbp. With Amazon, you see what you get for the item before you before you upload it. It goes straight into an Amazon account. This is your own personal account and as such you do have some control over it. As long as you abide by the terms and conditions nothing can go wrong. My account was frozen in January because the amount of selling did not add up to the amount of feedback. Amazon can freeze your account for 30 days, but again if you can prove to them and satisfy them that what your doing is right, and there is nothing untoward happening then they will re instate your account. My account was reinstate within 3days. I was with Ebay for 2 years and I think I lost money on that site. I fell out with ebay since they accused me of FRAUD. Apparantly I was selling pirate software. I used a dropshipping company to send software to customers so they accused ME of fraud. This morning it would be 180 days since I was banned from ebay and paypal, and yet after being told that once 180 days was up you can be reinstated, they still refuse. Another thing about ebay was the amount of spam and phising emails I was getting daily. I live in Scotland and yet I was being harassed by American ebayers about a car I sold them in Florida, A speedboat that was paid for and still not received by someone in California. Just a few emails that I would get from EBAY.
    With Amazon I’ve not had 1 suspicious email. Totally safe. I’ve let my kids look at Amazon but they are banned from Ebay. I would never trust or go back to ebay. I don’t use paypal either seeing as they are owned by ebay totally unfair at the way I’ve been treated from them both. I use very similar to paypal, although not many people use but it is getting there. I also use ebid, and 2 other auction sites and they are safer.
    Amazon is the way to go. I’ve not had 1 bad experience with them. Have a look at my store front ACADAB SUPPLIES. Its a superb way of making money. Go for it. You will enjoy it.

    Good luck….

  12. mister.alan says:


  13. dubbleyu says:

    I’ve used amazon loads of times and they’ve always provided a fast efficent service.

  14. Mike I says:

    yes, probably one of the most trustworthy online shopping sites.

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