Doctor Who, Victory Theme?

I was wondering if anyone had a link or a name for it? I mean for the 11th Doctor specifically. The music that plays up when the enemy finds out they’re screwed. It’s like “da dada da da dadada” I don’t want the main theme, I want the music that starts going, when he thoroughly defeats whatever villain he’s up against. If anyone knows it.

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2 Responses to “Doctor Who, Victory Theme?”

  1. LadyMert says:

    all the music for the show is written for the show by Murray Gold
    some of the music is available on the soundtrack cds
    you can listen to samples for the 11th doctor soundtrack cds here ( but can be bought at the amazon usa website)
    series 5…
    series 6…
    it could be this one- take a listen…

  2. nonamebr says:

    I.dont know it. But i love doctor who <3

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