Does a Company Secretary need to sign dividend minutes and tax vouchers?

I am Director of a Ltd Company. I have a Company Secretary (my wife). I am also the sole employee of the company as I work as a contractor. When I issue dividends to myself and do the meeting minutes and tax voucher does the Company Secretary have to sign the paperwork or can I issue the tax voucher and meeting minutes with only my signature (saying that only I, as Director, was in attendance)? I am the only shareholder in the company.

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2 Responses to “Does a Company Secretary need to sign dividend minutes and tax vouchers?”

  1. superbeagle says:

    From an accounting perspective, One Step is right – the members need to approve dividend payments.

    Practically, you as Director can sign anything – although you don’t say this, I am assuming you are sole director.

    Since 1 April 2008, your company does not require to have a company secretary (although you can still have one) so the flip-side is that the director can sign anything.

    Also, the company does not now require to convene any AGM’s

  2. Onestep downfrom God says:

    All interim dividends should be approved by the board of directors, normally done by minuting and signing the minutes of that meeting. Final dividends, and all interims, are approved by the members at the AGM.
    No signature is needed on the dividend voucher, only a certificate relating to the tax credit.

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