Does anybody no if students get discounted travel in london?

I am currently at secondary school however when i leave to go to college i will need to travel by trains and buses which sounds quite expensive and is about £2500 approx a year! Although i can afford the cost i was wondering if i get any sort of Discount ??? please help : ) I will be travelling from Emerson park to chemlsford station.

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4 Responses to “Does anybody no if students get discounted travel in london?”

  1. Carrie S says:

    When you get your student NUS card you will be able to apply for a discounted Oyster – see here for a list of prices:

    You will also be eligible for a Young Person’s railcard which will give you discounts on National Rail services which do not start and end in London.

  2. frankie says:

    Yes, students from 18+ can apply for a discounted Oyster Card – see link below where you can apply.

  3. MaidinKent says:

    My son is 17, studying in the 6th form for his AS levels. He has a Student Discount Card, available from the NUS website (if your school/college is eligible it will be listed) for shopping and a Student Rail Card for the national train network (see I think someone has already mentioned about the Oyster Card.

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