Does anyone have a discount code for dance clothes on-line?

I’m a little strapped for cash so need to replace a leotard on the cheap

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3 Responses to “Does anyone have a discount code for dance clothes on-line?”

  1. DavyMac says:

    A couple of friends from class did a photo shoot for Dancemania and were given a 10% off code to give to friends as a thank you. I’m sure Dancemania won’t mind you spending money with them –

    The code is thanks09 and can only be used on their web site, which I’ve seen you refer to before so you know who they are 🙂

    I’ve just checked and have been told the discount ends after this weekend…we think!

  2. gryffindor_cheerleader_13 says:

    check out, they’ve got a huge selection for really cheap… idk of any codes to give you for discounts, but i’m pretty sure i’ve seen leos on there for about $12, and shippings only a few dollars more.

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