Does anyone have a discount code for haven?

For the past 2 years the kids have enjoyed going to haven for alittle cheap get away but money is really tight at the minute. I have 5 kids so we have to get a 3 bed so that’s not cheap as well so I am after any money off codes anyone may have just so I can save alittle.

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3 Responses to “Does anyone have a discount code for haven?”

  1. Helper says:

    You can visit this site for Free Coupon Codes for Haven Holidays.

  2. s says:

    no code needed just type that in
    for a good discount and book online before 17th january (make sure you clear all your cookies out of your browser as if you have searched previously it will still see that info and offer you the not so good discount price so make sure you connect using will bring up 50% off for kiwk fit users

  3. Yanine says:

    You can get 4% back if you buy through a cashback website –

    Not much but every little helps!

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