Does anyone have any discount codes for ebay?

Any promotional or discounts codes for ebay would be greatly appreciated, thank you 🙂
I mean a discount for paypal which is used for ebay?

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6 Responses to “Does anyone have any discount codes for ebay?”

  1. julia says:

    The best place to look for this type of discounts is SearchAllDeals. Just start with a search term like "ebay discount code".

  2. katehughes2706 says:

    You cant get discounts on ebay!!!!

  3. PeaPea says:


  4. sammie says:

    no i hardly get them myself and you can get them ie £4.00 off postage .. you get them after being a member for so long

  5. SHEXIWEXI says:

    Its personal sellers who trade on Ebay, so there won’t be any codes. Perhaps you mean the ones which you tap into paypal? Though there only one use vouchers and you dont get them often, so doubt anybody will give you theres 🙂

  6. ♥Gems♥ says:

    You dont get discount codes on ebay. And if you do then its sent to you personaly by a seller that you have bought something off

    But as far as i know you still dont get discount codes, you get discounts on postage if you buy like 2 or more items from the seller.

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