Does anyone know any good deals where you get free laptop with mobile broadband?

I want to get a laptop and know you can get some deals where you get a free laptop if you sign up to mobile broadband. Want some advice on any good deals anyone may know about or have taken out themselves as i have no idea which deal is a good one or not!

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  1. Connie H says:

    ok broadband has become the buzz word for the last few years and i do understand that the mobile phone boys have ceased on this very fast way to make money.

    there are lots of offers the reason that they are literally lobbing a computer at the would be customer is more of a inducement rather than commitment to service.

    if your not very worldly wise in the computer world or like me a ‘nerd,’ then the idea of people coming and then drilling holes to install cables or that strange BT line or Virgin media trying to sell you just about everything under the sun then the tied deal may be for you.

    but please be careful before you sign.

    computers are hardware, and if the service and repairs are not part of the deal it may not be the boon that you think.

    and also please compare the cost that a long contract may incur. with the PAYG broadband and no contract and some networks doing cheap connection deal it may pay you to have a tour-de-shop before you look at the deals.

    as said, if you computer skills are newish and your not sure what please look at all the angles to make sure they meet up.

    computers are machines like all machines they can breakdown have problems with connections and viruses and so on.

    so treat all the bids a view before you buy.

  2. Me says:

    Im with Orange and have been for a few years now, and 2 months ago I asked them about mobile broadband, and whats the best deal they could give me with a free laptop. I got a Toshiba L300 with 5GB a month Mobile broadband for £35.00.

    If you are contract mobile anyway, call your provider and just ask them whats the best they can do, they will usually bend over backwards to keep you as a customer.

  3. Silver_bacon says:

    Signing up for mobile internet is a bad way to get a cheap laptop. Since it is $60 per month, for 2 years, that is $1440, plus the cost of the laptop. Plus it is a small netbook which likely costs $300 to begin with. So this is not cost effective.

  4. stu_the_kilted_scot says:

    Those deals are a con.
    Look at the "total cost" of the contract over it’s minimum term, and compare that to a broadband deal with no laptop, over min period + cost of a basic laptop, as it WILL be a VERY basic laptop they give you.

  5. Carling says:

    with bussiness nothing come free you always pay through the nose for it. you will finish up paying treble the price for the privilage of getting a laptop for no money down

  6. Bangramania says:

    The free laptops they give away, are the ones that do not sell in stores, why do they not sell in stores? because the specs of the laptops aren’t up to much.

    They came up with this idea of a "free laptop" with broadband deals as a way to off load these low quality and low spec machines.

    That said, the laptops are ok for low end users, ie, surfing the internet, emailing friends and word processing. Anything much more than this and they will struggle. Some even struggle with photo editing software (downloading photos from a camera is fine tho) just editing them can be a bit of a struggle.

    If you are a low end user, which is in no way disrespectful, then they are a way of getting a laptop, with a broadband deal.

    Shop around, ask in stores but have a budget in mind and stick to it.

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