Does anyone know any mortgage brokers that deal with future mortgages?

I am looking to get a mortgage with future mortgages but I have phoned them and they only deal direct with brokers so now I need to find a broker. Or any brokers that could get 100% mortgage for people with bad credit?

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  1. niccog26 says:

    I know that Manning Staintons deal with Future Mortgages as this is who we have our mortgage with. As far as I know Manning Staintons do provide an independent financial service. It may be worth contacting them!

  2. charlottelovesshane says:

    mortgage masters, the square, kenilworth, warwickshire. sorry dont know the phone no. they are really helpful, and can even arrange surveys, solicitors etc. one guy, andy sorted it all out from start to finish, really nice bloke. good luck!!

  3. Jennifer M says:

    The industry has become much tighter with 100% loan to value mortgages. How bad is "bad credit"? Have you looked at your credit? Are you prepared to show your financial information to the lender (tax returns, paycheck stub, recent bank statement)? If so, there are many Fannie Mae programs that you may qualify for. Or with a little more money down – FHA. I can still do it – depending on the terms. I am not sure if the retail banks will do it. For instance, I work with Long Beach Mortgage which is owned by Washington Mutual but I’m not sure if Long Beach has a retail side that consumers can contact direct.

    If your credit is below a 620 middle score it will be more difficult to purchase. If you credit is very low you will be charged a higher interest rate. This may offset the benefits of buying. You may want to consider renting something affordable while working on your credit and saving money to qualify for the best programs.

    I use transunion credit monitoring for my credit. (( )) $15 per month and you will get to see your report with all three scores with updates when there are changes to your report. Bring a print out when looking to get qualified the the lender/broker will be able to get a better idea of what they can do without everyone running you credit.

    Good luck and Best Wishes!!

  4. Jimmy John says:

    A mortgage broker will definitely help.

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