Does anyone know any paypal codes that I could use on please?

I bought an item for £63 and I wish to pay through paypal, does anyone know any coupons/discount codes that I could use to get a discount please?

Thanks for your response

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4 Responses to “Does anyone know any paypal codes that I could use on please?”

  1. STEVE W says:

    Any codes that are issued by Paypal or eBay are specific to one eBay account only, so if anybody does post a code it is highly unlikely to work.

    If you are an eBay Seller, you can join the rewards programme to earn discount vouchers – I usually get a couple of them each year – from £10-£25 worth at a time. has all of the details!

  2. says:

    These are linked to the paypal account they are used on – there are no "general discount" codes.

  3. thequietone2005 says:

    kinnel, another non paying bidder

  4. netdisasterer says:

    I doubt it

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