Does Anyone Know Anybody Who Has Kittens For Sale In Worcestershire?

Your local cat rescue centre will have lots of lovely cats for you too chose from, and you’ll know that they’ve been checked by the vet, treated for flea and worms, and neutered if old enough (If not you usually get a voucher for it to be done later)
Check out this website
I’m sure you’ll find just the right kitty for you!

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5 Responses to “Does Anyone Know Anybody Who Has Kittens For Sale In Worcestershire?”

  1. Michele the Louis Wain cat says:

    If you’re not looking for a pedigree cat why not look up your local animal rescue or RSPCA centre. They have loads of unwanted animals especially after Christmas

  2. Damian says:


  3. Sarah says:

    search on internet for local animal rescue centres in your area.

  4. C4TZ ЯU13 says:

    How about 2 for free in Suffolk! Struggling to find a good home.

  5. Helen says:

    Yes, your local shelter.

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