Does Anyone Know Anything About”sarek Of Vulcan”?he Advised Secret Of Perfect Vision..?

So I’ve been investigating this natural method to improve vision:…
I’ve been researching this method a lot, it is to improve myopia naturally. On many of my searches, I’ve found a question on here about improving vision and found him recommending “the secret of perfect vision” also saying he himself improved his vision. However, is he telling the truth, or is he a fraud?
Sarek of Vulcan used to answer frequently here 3 years ago, then according to footprintz, this is what happened:
“Sarek hasn’t been seen around here in close to 3 years now, after he was challenged to show documented proof of his claims, and an optometrists name where it could be verified. It was also proven that he had a financial interest in that book. A site was found some where by someone that had him talking about the book and using the term ” we”…and the story was exactly the same that he keeps repeating under the Sarek name…he was easily recognizable.
There had to be an optometrist involved for him to know exactly what his prescription was , so proof should have been easy to provide….but he never could and just stopped coming here…he was exposed as the fraud he was.”
Is this true? B/c I’ve searched his answers on google and nothing else With the exact same words on came up and i’ve seacrhed his name here and there is no question asking him for proof….. Could it have been asked by email?
But what I’ve been thinking is, if anyone REALLY wanted to sell something they’d be like all other advirtisers giving all positive points “amazing results in 1 year!” but many do not say that and say “it’s not going to be easy”. Some who have claimed to improve have improved vision don’t even give any reference or sources to any product . So they may recommend bates for example but don’t source any site where you can buy the book from. Do you think so many people would just lie for the hell of it????????
Anyone who knows ANYTHING about user “sarek of vulcan” and why he stopped answering questions please come forward. thank you.

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One Response to “Does Anyone Know Anything About”sarek Of Vulcan”?he Advised Secret Of Perfect Vision..?”

  1. railroad dave says:

    sarek of vulcan is a name from the star trek show on tv .
    spend a few dollars and go to a real eye doctor .

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