Does Anyone Know How To Tell If A Houston Marketing Firm Is Legitimate?

I have been going on interviews and I have already passed on three job offers because when the pay structure was broken down there was a possibility of working without pay if you don’t make sales. The positions are commission based (which i usually avoid) but there are so many of them there has to be at least one that is legit. The companies I passed on were SEE Marketing, SKE Marketing and CORE communications. I keep reading mixed reviews some say they are scams and others say you just have to work and the money will come. I have also been looking into a company called HBC International (there are 2 companies with this name) which does not seem to have any web presence aside from their website and facebook.
These were the compensation methods explained to me
1. $100 for each sale (average is 6 sales and if you don’t make it you are fronted the difference and it is taken out of your next check over 600)
2. wk1: $300+10%commission wk2: $200+15% commission wk4-6: 28%commission +”bonuses”
3. average $300-500/week (but basically $100 for each sale)

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One Response to “Does Anyone Know How To Tell If A Houston Marketing Firm Is Legitimate?”

  1. Intelligent Pickle says:

    LOL, to be honest with you, all of these places are 100% MLM, frauds.
    They have been around for 30 years

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