Does anyone know if there is a Marks and Spencer in Japan?

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6 Responses to “Does anyone know if there is a Marks and Spencer in Japan?”

  1. worldwanderer007 says:

    Indirectly yes, though Marks and Spencers trade in Japan under the banner of Brooks Brothers (in which they own a majority shareholding). I understand they (Brooks Brothers) have a number of stores in the country.

  2. paul l says:

    Try Google mate

  3. mimi wo sumaseba says:

    No, there is no Marks and Spencer in Japan.

    I checked the Marks and Spencer website and they do not list any locations in Japan. Hong Kong, yes. South Korea, yes. But Japan? No.

    I suppose Japan is a lot more protectionist than Hong Kong and Korea. (Well, IMO Japanese department stores are a lot better than M&S, but that’s another matter.)

    By the way, Brooks Brothers is no longer owned by Marks & Spencer. They were sold off in 2001.

  4. luddite says:

    There is no M&S in Japan. Brooks Bros. are rubbish and M&S don’t own them any more.
    There are many branches of NEXT in Japan.

  5. Ken says:

    Ive never seen that before .

  6. Ian R says:

    Yes there is a Marks and spencers. There is also a Boots, Asda, Tesco and Morrisons.

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