does anyone know of any Jewellery Auctions in the UK?

I Have a few peices that i need to sell..

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6 Responses to “does anyone know of any Jewellery Auctions in the UK?”

  1. matty_bum_bum11 says:

    how about ebay lol?

  2. Tooter says:

    Have you got sky TV, if so Gems TV on channel 646 and 660 they sell some quality items and they are cheap. They give a money back guarantee as well. Or check

  3. apoets says:

    surely it depends on the quality of the pieces: dress jewellery might do well as a large lot on ebay, but good quality pieces ,you should look for a local auction house.

  4. marilyn m says:

    Trys Gems Tv, I Have Purchased A Lot Of Jewellery From Then At Very Cheap Prices

  5. Krystal says:

    You could try eBid, they don’t charge as much as ebay.

    You can join using my buddy link if you like

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