Does anyone know what the Limited Edition Metallica Death Magnetic album contains?

I pre ordered the new Metallica album online, the Death Magnetic album, and wanted to know if anyone knew the difference between the standard edition and the limited edition that and a lot of other sites are offering for pre order. I know that the Death in a Coffin boxset is the most expensive limited edition package, but there seems to be another limited edition version available as well as the standard edition. Any idea why this version is an extra 4 pound?

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3 Responses to “Does anyone know what the Limited Edition Metallica Death Magnetic album contains?”

  1. metallicafan1212 says:

    At present there is no extras (DVD etc) announced for anything other than in the £80 coffin boxset. This limited edition version seems to just be the digipack packaging (cardboard, foldout sleeve etc)like St.Anger was if anybody actually bought that lol. which is why its a little bit more.
    The standard version is just in the normal jewel plastic case.

  2. Ben Bee says:

    A lot of loud noise.

  3. charis says:

    The ltd edition will prob have a dvd and bonus songs on it
    The normal one will just be the album alone
    The expensive coffin set I would imagine may contain a t shirt and posters etc?
    As far as I know they have not released what will be in the ltd edition sets

    Rock ON!

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