does anyone know where I can buy breaking glass dvd?

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6 Responses to “does anyone know where I can buy breaking glass dvd?”

  1. Col. Hannibal Smith says: have it in stock

  2. trickyrick32 says:

    Throw any DVD hard enough and i’m sure it will do the job. replacing windows is expensive though.

  3. JAMES L says:

    was that the football film if it was i got my copy from hmv they can order it for you

  4. WavyD says:

    What a Film. Hazel O’Conner makes it feel so gritty. I will have to look for a copy myself. Good Luck

    Update. I have just had a look at the links someone kindly put up. Is that price correct? I know its a cult classic but steady on now!
    I think I will hang on until it comes out on a classic reissue/remaster!

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