Does anyone know where I can find a particular Christian anectdote about God understanding humans?

In this story all the people are met at the end of the world and they say God should have to live as a human, be born in questionable parentage etc. and then at the end they realise He had done it all as Jesus. Please help folks!

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9 Responses to “Does anyone know where I can find a particular Christian anectdote about God understanding humans?”

  1. Kimberly I says:

    Sorry… I’m not sure if i understand your question, but i would love to help! 🙂

  2. johnandeileen2000 says:

    God helps those who help themselves.

  3. Gracy says:

    Through the help of the spirit of GOD and Bible.

  4. jammal h says:

    you have stated it properly,that is the truth,the only truth

  5. archbishop_eugene says:

    I’m not sure this answers your question properly; but for some good novels about God understanding humans, I would recommend any of the "Joshua" books by Grizone.Another thing was the PBS special years ago called "God in the Dock"

  6. allen t says:

    You are taking the Lord’s name in vain friend. Repent! God bless!

  7. ebenjosiah says:

    Though I am a christian, I am not too sure I have come across a passage in the bible that says that God has to come and live as a human being and be born as Christ Jesus.Are you implying that Jesus is God?
    Why should God understand us and for what reason and purpose? Originally, before we came on earth to play our various roles , we were living together with Him in the land beyond sound called the soul world far beyond the sun.We were then bodiless as souls/spirits and we came on this earth bodiless number wise, entered into our mothers wombs and took bodies to enable us play our predestined roles in the drama cycle which repeats itself every 5000 years.
    Perhaps, I have to say that we don’t have two Gods- God the creator of heaven and God Jesus. God is ONE and no other human being can claim to be God.Indeed, one characteristic about God is the fact that He does not fall into the cycle of Birth and Death and besides He has no body of His own.So anybody who does not fit into this cannot be called God.

  8. akoypinoy says:

    Your story line can not fit into the format of an anecdote. It requires a full length novel format. Maybe You should ask Mel Gibson to help. He might make your story line as a sequel to his "The Passion of the Christ".

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