Does anyone now of any scrappage deals for and old Polo?

My Polo has failed it’s mot and is going to cost way too much to fix. Does anyone know of any scrappage deals that I might get?

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3 Responses to “Does anyone now of any scrappage deals for and old Polo?”

  1. Southpaw says:

    The scrappage deal financed by the government has finished a long time ago and didn`t apply to MOT failures anyway. However ,if you look in your local paper you might find scrap dealers advertising for scrap cars for a minimum of £150 or even more, there is in my local paper (Shropshire Star) anyway.
    ( I cannot understand why the American spellchecker on this UK site does not recognize the words "scrappage" or "didn`t"). Whose language is/was it anyway? Ho hum, apparently they do not know what "whose" means either!
    Sorry about the mini-rant, best of luck with it anyway, Bob.

  2. Martin says:

    No idea about scrappage schemes, BUT look on e:bay at a model the same as as yours, you may be surprised at what it might make even with no MOT! Good Luck

  3. Q says:

    Two choices,your local car breaker/dismantler,they advertise good prices but these are usually for better cars than yours,sorry,they have to make money too.
    Or just drive it to your local scrap metal dealer and put it on the scales,best rate will be for mixed scrap but if you call around and check whoose paying out best you may make £100-150.

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