does esporta offer student discount?

my friend and i are going to look around on monday and i wondered if anyone knows what prices and discount are before we go as it doesn’t say on the web site.
i heard its about £50-£60 a month?
i’d also like to know what its like, i want to lose some weight i’ve plucked up the courage but i’m worried that the staff from these kind of clubs can look down on you for not being fit in the first place!is this the case or have i got it all wrong?

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2 Responses to “does esporta offer student discount?”

  1. Alex 2463 says:

    Its pretty expensive (hundreds and hundreds per year) and they don’t offer a student discount. It’s good though. They are very hard on the sell and will try and get you to sign up on the spot.

  2. weezyb says:

    I don’t think they do offer a student discount. They like to think they’re ‘exclusive’

    just go speak with them, or if you know other people that want to join see if you can get a discount with them. I know our company got a discount if 10 or more people joined at the same time. they waived the joining fee and knocked off around £5 a month I think it was.

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