does forever 21 have good sales on black friday?

Lol does forever 21 have good clothes and sales on black friday or is it not even worth going?

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4 Responses to “does forever 21 have good sales on black friday?”

  1. SheWolf says:

    I don’t know what forever 21 these ladies work at but we don’t really have sales. We have our usual yellow tag items and our clearance items. Like our 10.50 jeans are 9 but that’s the entire weekend. Other than that no we do not. You can get the same deals Saturday as you did Friday.

  2. Christy says:

    Its already cheap there so yea they have good prices on black friday

  3. jem says:

    i work in forever 21 and yes we have a lot of good deals

  4. JennyBabez says:

    Amazing deals
    Denim jeans for 6.50.
    & more sales!

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