Does He Like Her Or Not?

my friend’s never had a boyfriend but she likes a guy who flirts with her when she goes shopping. she gets loads of stuff she shouldn’t like, if there are vouchers for pots or something. you’re only meant to get 1 if you spend £20, but the last time i went with her she only spent about £2 and got thirty odd. he flirts with her really bad and makes it seem like he likes her but he’s got a fiance. he still flirts with her . it’s only ever her though even though he most likely knows that she knows about the other girl and she doesn’t know what to do because seeing him makes her feel good, like she is pretty. do you think he likes her or does anyone have any idea why he just flirts with her

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One Response to “Does He Like Her Or Not?”

  1. A says:

    yeah he likes her. i here a crush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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