Does He Not Like Me? Why He Treats Me This Way?

he helps me a lot since i joined the company. he always tries to get closer to me by concerning if i amdoing well and he helped me personally in my finances because he knows i have to support my family and have to repay study loans from my university. he often encourages and motivates me to do well in this sales based job, and whenever i am down he would cheer me up. he would also expect me to do better compared to my peers and so my colleagues often comment he seems stricter with me. he will often call and text me to encourage me. He even suggest to be friends and my colleagues commented that he texts me a lot compared to them is as if he is a boyfriend to me.
however recently, he said that i keep having negative thoughts about not doing well and he felt that i am a loser in life because i fail as a result of being negative in thinking. and he felt that i am not open up enough to tell him what i am thinking .. yet he said he still cares for me a lot but because of me being continually negative he said he wanna give up on me.
he also said text him when i have questions only about work..and when my saving is depleted, he suggested that i do not continue doing this sales job in the meantime because for every roadshow we have to pay the costs, so he said i go and do other part time jobs to stabilise my finances and savings before he have me back as full timer.
he said he is still confident that i can do well if im freed from worrying over little savings and financial problems. so he hopes i can come back soon once i have savings and he has set a date for me to aim to save that amount.
so does my boss not like me now?? 🙁 does he treat me as a friend/colleague?

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