Does It Become Ancestral Property?

I need some clarifications. I want to tell you chronological events that have taken place.
1) My Father’s cousin brother Shri SK Patil (My grandfather’s brother son) married my mom’s own sister in 1962. My father’s name is DT Patil.
2) My mother’s father bought a site in name of my father’s cousin Mr SK Patil in 1963(sale deed in my father’s cousins name Mr SK Patil, which becomes self acquired property of him)
3) My parent’s marriage took place in 1974.
4) My Grandfather (Father’s, father) died in 1976. My grandfather had one brother. My grandfather and his brother had their self acquried property together. After my grandfather’s death, my grandfather’s brother divided property in two parts and gave half property to my father and his brothers (which in turn my father divided among himself and his two own brothers). (All divided property got recorded in individual names in revenue office).
5) In 1982 my mother’s father bought another site in my father’s cousin name.
6) In 1984 my father’s cousin was told to transfer the 1st property to my father.
7) To avoid the sales tax, they made an affidavit in court that, as they both come from same family and had made family settlement( but actually no family settlement had been made regarding this site), and as per the family settlement by mistake instead of Mr DT Patil (my father) in records in has come as Mr SK Patil, so it should be changed to Mr DT Patil.
8) According to this affidavit the site got registered in my father’s name.
By all these events does it become ancestral property? Can my father make will on anyones name? we are two sons..
thanking you

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