Does Many Worlds Quantum Theory Predict A World Where Science Is Always Wrong?

Does the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics predict that there is somewhere a universe inhabited by humans, where by chance each and every science experiment has resulted in anomalies appearing like rules?
The humans in this universe would then incorrectly assume an understanding of nature and in reality be completely ignorant. If this is an inevitable outcome then is there a possibility we are living in that very universe?
If so science is inaccurate and it is plausible there could be an intelligent designer as the beliefs of people since records began can not so easily be discounted.

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5 Responses to “Does Many Worlds Quantum Theory Predict A World Where Science Is Always Wrong?”

  1. oklatono says:

    NO, it does NOT.

  2. Neil says:

    The many worlds concept requires that there be a common origin or all realities. Certain rules would carry forward to all subsequent worlds. Even if the first branching occurred only a moment after the Big Bang, all the rules of physics, mathematics and chemistry as we understand them were already in place.
    If you want to include the possibility of an anti-universe, the same logic applies. If our world and its doppelgänger simultaneously exist, they must have a common root – they are only cousins, and the evolution of the anti-universe would unrelated to ours.

  3. Tomp says:

    Physics and mathematics have truths which are independent of any situation. We did not invent mathematics or physics; they were alerady there. we just have to solve the puzzles.

  4. JAMES K says:

    No, because theories proven wrong would not become part of ‘science’. Laws are theories proven right 100% of the time. Anything that cannot maintain at least a 99.9% would be rejected.

  5. RR says:

    I see what you’re saying. In an infinite universe scenario, yes, there is a universe where the scientists are idiots, and the people who live in the trailer parks are well respected geniuses.
    “Listen to ol’ Bubba there- why hes about to get another one o dem Nobel Prizes, for the best dang fishing tip these ears ever dun heard.”
    “Ha Ha- get this! Einstein says that time is carried on turtles! I wonder if there’s an alternatate universe where people actually listen to this clown!”
    That’s the kinds of quotes you’d here in that realm of existence. Interesting place to visit, but you dont want to live there, lol.

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