Does My Boyfriend Like His Co Worker ?

I need advice. My boyfriend communicates with his female colleague that he has known since college outside of work. They dont talk about anything inappropriate, but they chat quite a bit. My boyfriend never hides his phone and openly shows me the messages between them. My boyfriend is transparent and told me that his boss said to him once “you should so date her” i was really hurt when his boss said this since he knows we are together.
Then i asked him, do you think she might have a crush on you? He said, it is possible that she does, but I am in full control and would never let it get out of hand. He keeps saying “dont you trust me?” Anyway, point is, I told him that I only wanted him to contact her and vice versa if it was work related. Last night when we were on our way out I saw her name appear under mine, he was showing me something on his phone. I then said, oh so youve been in contact again? He then explained it was about work and showed me, but then I saw messages about a team lunch next Sat and then a trip to the mall because she had clothes vouchers and him and his colleague wanted to use the vouchers…
We ended up having a heated argument as I told him this wasnt work related. We had a huge fight. He made me cry. He turned it all on me saying I am crazy and dont trust him and that I am controlling him. He said I would never cheat on you and I have known her since college. I am allowed to have friends. Well I said not ones who you think may possibly like you. I seriously just want to leave him for going against his word. What should I do? I am not crazy. I am the best girlfriend to him. He is acting really cocky now and treating me like he doesnt care If i left him. :((((

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2 Responses to “Does My Boyfriend Like His Co Worker ?”

  1. RainyDay says:

    Honestly I’m siding with your boyfriend here. He’s known her since college you can’t expect him to just stop being friends with her. And the fact that he’s so open about it and shows you all of the communication between them is really good. You should trust him more. So what if she might like him? She’s obviously not acting on it, and he obviously doesn’t return the feelings. So yes, you are being controlling, and you should trust him more because it’s clear he doesn’t have anything to hide.

  2. QIn says:

    I think that you should apologize to him. Tell him that you were wrong. He already showed you his texts. What else do you want? I think that you should put yourself in his shoes. They are good friends and that is that. You are a bit too concerned. Loosen up more and trust your boyfriend. Be happy that you have one. Yes, he is allowed to have friends and spend time with them. By doing this, you are not the ‘best’ girlfriend to him. So as I already said, apologize to him and get back together. If you must, meet the girl and get on GOOD TERMS (not bad) with her to make sure your boyfriend never cheats.

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