Does My Record Look Good Enough To Get An Full Ride Nrotc Scholarship?

Im a Junior, from the west coast, and after second semester came around I just realized I wanted to be in the Navy. I could go enlisted but I want to try for the Naval Academy and and NROTC program and hopefully get a Scholarship. I would love for a former recipiant of an NROTC/ROTC scholarship to respod or a parent or guardian of one to respond so that I can get an idea of my chances.
Classes/Grades Freshmen year
Honors English A-
Algebra 1 A+
Biology A+
Computers A+
Spanish 1 A+
World History A+
Both semesters i got the same grades.
Classes/grade Sophmore year
Honors English A-
Honors Geometry A- first semester A+ second
Algebra 2 A+
Civics A+
Speech A+
Health A+
Gym A+
Same grades for both semesters except Honors Geometry. I took to other classes for two semesters and got A+ in both but I can not recall them, they were electives.
Class/grades Junior Year
Brit Lit A+
Physics A+
FST (Functions, Stats, and Trig) A+
Accounting A+
AP Psychology A-
AP U.S. History A-
I just completed the first semester of Junior year I’m pretty sure may grades should be the same if not better second semester.
GPA weighted 4.1995
un-weighted 3.8 or 3.9 between those numbers(calculations are complicated)
SAT/ACT: Just took them a few weeks ago hopping for a high Score.
Freshmen/sophmore year Wreslted and awarded varsity letters both year.
Sophmore year awarded the Tough Guy award for wrestling 3 different weight classes 120, 125, and 130 when I weighed only 119, did it for the team and because I love to wrestle. I also wrestled club and did tournements before and after freshmen year.
I dont have exact hours but have people that can vouche for me that I have volunteered my time in helping put together wrestling tournements, setting up, cleaning up, reffing, and coaching. (Again dont know the hours but have vouchers that can verify that i spent multiple hours a day volunteering. The reason I do not have hours recorded is 1. i didnt think that i need them because i did it for fun and love giving back to the sport 2. i didnt think about ROTC/NROTC/Naval Academy until this year.)
Junior year moved to a new state (stil settling in), didnt wrestle personal reasons (worse choice of my life but family comes first), and keeping my grades up.
I was apart of chess club if that would help any, just love how it makes your think before you move.
Senior year I’m planning to wrestle, join a club, and have a part time job.
So do I look like a canidate for the Naval Academy or NROTC/ROTC Scholarship?

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