Does the Marks &Spencer food ad have you drooling at the mouth?

I straight away head for fridge but nothing I have compares to what they offer and i usually end up having a toasted sandwich

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19 Responses to “Does the Marks &Spencer food ad have you drooling at the mouth?”

  1. aaroncbcb says:

    well its not just any food its delicious, aromatic,
    hand picked, ripened marks and spencer food. the price makes me feel sick though

  2. sammie_7x says:

    noo it always makes me feel sick

  3. Mencymilburn says:

    It does look very nice

  4. trACEy says:

    I hate that womans voice and the silly music-but still rush to the fridge and stuff my face with whatever crap is on offer!

  5. ♥Tallulah♥ says:

    sometimes but that annoying cow doing the voice over makes me want to vomit so it kind of counteracts my hunger

  6. ernie.e says:

    If anything it makes me want to shout for the guru.Have a technicolour yawn.

  7. helena_pdc says:

    anda!cuantos ingleses jajaja!!!

  8. Gobilina says:

    As a rule yes but the Tuna Steaks are over cooked with the three bean salad advert Yuck!
    This isn’t any drivel, it is pure unadulterated marks and spencer australian chiraz induced drivel! lol

  9. loanshark says:

    Yes! but then, that is what it is meant to do! Do not believe all the crap about adverts not working, it is a multi million pound business and they WOULDN’T DO IT IF IT DID NOT WORK.

  10. bty627065 says:

    No, most of makes me shudder, with the combinations..

  11. lynnmariesmith says:

    Nah this ad doesnt, I dont fancy any of it.

  12. Angry Kid says:

    Not anymore. I got some vouchers for M&S recently and spent it on Food. Was expensive and apart from the Corned Beff Hash and the individual pies it was all pretty rubbish.

    I normally go to Netto now. It may be cheap and a little bit Chavvy, but the food aint half bad!

  13. Tinkerbell says:

    No, the only time an M&S ad has had me drooling at the mouth was when Bryan Ferry was modelling their menswear!

  14. brunettedestiny says:

    I’m afraid it makes me laugh as opposed to drool, it’s quite a silly advert really – but yes, when they show that pavlova I always really want some!

  15. lushloopylyns says:

    yes yes yes yes yes

  16. lil the pink says:

    Yes it does, but when i rushed out over Christmas to buy the then pudding which was ‘chocolate sponge oozing with chocolate sauce’ i could find any..and when i did was really disappointed to find they were single portions and not family size which they looked like on telly advert

  17. J S says:

    Make sure it’s properly cooked or you’ll be drooling from your bottom.

  18. garfish says:

    No way, it all looks full of fat, calories and sweet. I particularly hate the chocolate pudding thing with all that goo leaking from it. It looks like something out of Casualty! Not only that but I would never pay their exorbitant prices for food anyway. The woman who advertises it also sounds like she is drooling which is very off-putting.

  19. Captain improbable says:

    what a weird question – hmm weirdo

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