Does the sales of goods act also apply to business to business?

Does the sales of goods act apply to business to business or only business to consumer.
I need laws that specifically apply to B2B.

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One Response to “Does the sales of goods act also apply to business to business?”

  1. Andi says:

    to consumer sales

    Businesses are expected to be more legally aware
    and have more consideration of the risk about if it is cost effective to buy whatever they are buying etc.

    They are also expected to assess for themselves if it is ‘fit for purpose’
    or at least, get that put in the contract of sale or advice (the services part).
    – often why companies go to other service companies to ‘provide a solution’
    and hold them to the description of the solution of the problem for the price quoted (how the solution is implemented / kit provided is their problem and reputation).

    There is still a legal sale of something to description,
    so as a contractual sale, if it is not to description,then the contract of sale has been broken.

    But B2B sales are usually 90 days warrenty
    and many items only warrentied for doemestic use.

    So you would to provide an example of a specific concern.

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