does this look like a genuine deal?

does this look like a genuine deal
also it states for new drivers only, how would they know if ive had lessons, and passing in 10 hours of lessons is that really possible.
Finallly is it worth it as im currently with a good instructor that charges 19 pound per lesson and i feel i will require more than 10 more lessons with him.

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One Response to “does this look like a genuine deal?”

  1. J G says:

    It could be a decent deal – they want new drivers only as the deal only offers four 1 hour lessons – the rest of the time is a 2 hour mock test (so they’re assuming you’ll buy more lessons in between), hire of their car for a practical test & a two hour pass plus course.
    If you had some aptitude, and had a vehicle to practice between lessons, it’s perfectly possible that you’d get a full licence & pass plus qualification for £99.

    I assume you are not practicing between lessons at the moment – if this is the case, then there’s nothing to stop you switching to the deal when you’re nearer the standard to pass a test – you would just have to convince them that you’re a new driver, and a very quick learner: tell them you have some private land & you’ve been practicing.

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