Does This Sound Like A Repulibcan?

“What, you are going to get rid of Medicare as we know it and give us a voucher to buy our own shitty private insurance that will cost us an extra $11,000 per year, sounds good to me!”

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3 Responses to “Does This Sound Like A Repulibcan?”

  1. John M says:

    No, it sounds like something you invented in your own mind.

  2. Argdarg says:


  3. Ohio Libertarian says:

    I’d like to take credit for that idea but unfortunately it involves the government giving you a voucher. Too Liberal. Sounds like a modern Republican to me.
    Why not just take care of your body and allow insurance companies to charge you less on high deductible plans that cover accidents and unpredictable diseases? Instead of punishing people who are rational and making them pay for idiots and walking death-wishes?

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