Does This Sound Like A Scam? I Will Give A Billion Points To Best Answer!?

Somebody who works at Kradjian Importing Co., Inc. in Glendale, California is trying to sell this car for under $2,000 with 33,000 miles. I thought it was worth $225,325 new.
Page is in Spanish, but I translated it to English using Google Translation.
Title: ★ 2010 FERRARI 458 ITALIA ((HOTTEST CAR IN CL)) – $ 1999 (Kradjian Importing Co., Inc.)
Description: “2010 FERRARI 458 ITALIA COUPE. YESTERDAY smogged. Clean Title. ONE OWNER. VERY SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL. HAS 33,000 miles and 2014 tags. SHIPPING CLASSIC, MUSCLE AND EXOTIC SPORTS CARS FOR LATIN AMERICA. This car will take you to Italy in no time!
Sale: $1,999
CONTACT: mark.haddad19 (at) kraimpco (dot) com”
P.S. Sorry for a re-post, but not enough users were trying to answer my question.

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3 Responses to “Does This Sound Like A Scam? I Will Give A Billion Points To Best Answer!?”

  1. GodFathe says:

    It indeed sounds like a scam but who knows maybe it could be a rich person tryna get rid of his car warehouse u could go ahead and try but it does sound like a scam but better wrong than sorry

  2. ashlee says:

    Number one: You can’t give a billion points so you just scammed me. Number two: that is most definitely a scam. Do NOT participate. There are people on Craigslist who do these things just to get your information. I learned the hard way. And it was the exact ad but a different style farrari. If something seems to good to be true, then unfortunately, it is.

  3. Hey says:

    Definetly a scam. Even when they advertise the stolen Ferarris you have to pay like 50 grand. Also, whenever I see things like this, I like to troll the with a fake email I have. Ill act like a dumb person who wants the car. Then they will tell you to wire the money. At that point you know its a scam. If you ask to just buy in person they don’t answer or they make some bullshit excuse. Also you waste their time( I don’t even have 1999 bucks to spend.

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