Does This Sound Like An Ebay Scam?

I just listed my Nikon d90 for sale on ebay, and it sold within an hour. The woman who purchased it sent me a message asking for my paypal email address, or for me to request the money from her account. I searched her name and address on white pages, and all of the information matches up. Would a scammer go that far? To find a random woman and use her information? I want to believe it’s real, but that fact that she hasn’t just paid through ebay worries me.

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5 Responses to “Does This Sound Like An Ebay Scam?”

  1. Kirsty Lorraine J says:

    Have you asked her why she hasnt just done it through ebay?

  2. 18 gibbs 20 says:

    She should pay through ebay. It has direct links to paypal. Send her an invoice through ebay. There is zero need for you to go the route she is suggesting.

  3. Sarf Londoner says:

    Get her to do transaction through ebay. If not, in the event of a dispute, it would prove difficult to resolve outside normal ebay transaction procedures.

  4. Kittysue says:

    This is a typical scam. You do not ever send your Paypal address to anyone. That is considered an offsite transaction and negates any protection you would have had from Ebay or Paypal. The buyer MUST pay through You tell her that she has to pay through Ebay and if she’s having problems then SHE contacts Ebay’s customer service, not you
    You will now get a fake email from either Ebay or Paypal saying the money has been sent but due to new security measures the payment will not show up in your account until you ship the item and provide a tracking number
    OR she pays you directly and does not pay through Ebay you are going to get screwed. Once you send the camera she will file a chargeback with Ebay claiming her account was hacked and there is an unauthorised transaction. Ebay will check the account to see that there was no payment made through Ebay and it was direct to you, and they will reverse the charge, and the scammer keeps your camera
    Never offer Buy it Now with any high value items like cameras, laptops, phones, etc. Scammers almost always use this as their accounts are rarely open long enough to complete the bidding process. Make sure your settings show you do not ship overseas and state in your listing that you do not ship overseas and ONLY ship to verified addresses

  5. John says:

    SCAM! Never give out payPal info. Don’t use buy it now. You will LOSE if you continue with her or more likely him.

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