Does Your President Not Know How To Phrase Things Or What? 1. “it Doesn’t Take That Much Work”.?

2. “Nobody gets 100% of what they want”? What? He didn’t just say that? Naw? Come on folks…This Political warfare thing has really gotten out of hand….I use to believe that Government was fighting over us Americans..But the more I listen the more I hear two children fighting over a toy and it seems like neither one will end up with it….Instead, just like every other time we get to clean it all up by picking up the tab…And Congress has gotten really smart at procrastinating now…Now, they not only have condos to their avail at our expense until they return from playing outside, but they also receive vouchers for flying back and forth and to and fro….over and over again….I wonder if anyone is calculating just how much is wasted on bar tabs, restaurants, rooms, condos, car fare or limos, air fare and so on and so on.? Anyone have any thoughts on why your President feels it is important to sound so condescending and cold and insulting?

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6 Responses to “Does Your President Not Know How To Phrase Things Or What? 1. “it Doesn’t Take That Much Work”.?”

  1. Ding says:

    i’m so sick of people saying “we get to clean it all up by picking up the tab” ETC ETC . We have not picked up the tab YET! it was kicked from the 80’s to the 90’s then from the 2000’s to now. Payment is due. We are about to PAY but for the last 40 years we haven’t been paying crap. If we go over the cliff, you will get just a taste of what is to come. Now we can kick it down the road 10 or 20 years or we can start to pay our and our parents bills… This Cliff thing is GOING to happen,this year or next but it has to soon. There will never be enough cutting to cover it.The people will not stand for it. So you are free (for the moment) to Do like me, buy some guns , bullets food water and gold and wait for it to crumble.Hell i even have plans to run my generator on wood smoke, Even if it don’t happen in the next 20 years the guns, ammo , gold and even food will be even worth more latter anyway

  2. Chances6 says:

    1. If you are a citizen of the US, as your name suggest, Obama is YOUR President, too, skippy.
    2. I don’t disagree with anything he’s said with regards to the budget talks. Interesting you only single out the President’s rhetorhic. Do you not remember the “Our way or the highway comments of Boehner and other Tea Party favorites?
    3. We’re talking about a fairly important issue. The Federal system was designed to be slow and deliberate. Read the Federalist Papers, for heaven’s sake.
    4. Congressmen, Senators and the President all get pay checks. The condos you’re talking about are not paid for by us, they’re paid for by the individual cngressment, or (in too many cases) by the PAC and Super-Pacs that have bought them. But they congressfolks would have been paid the money, anyway. That’s like you bitching that your neighbor is spending his money on a high priced car. It’s his money, right?

  3. ozzie s says:

    Thank the idiots that voted him back into the white house.

  4. 2blest2B says:

    God help him & all of us in the US

  5. No Chance Without Jesus says:

    The Doofus in Chief Brodie

  6. denise says:

    he is not my president i didn’t vote for him

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