Dog Help And Advise???

My family are thinking about getting a dog and we love goldadors (golden Labrador mix) but are thinking if there are any other dogs that are good for us. It would have to be very friendly and good with kids/animals and medium size or smaller.It would also have too be reasonably energetic as we love long walks.It would be walked every morning and then left for three hours (because of work/school) then walked for an hour by a dog walker then left for another three hours till we get home. We would then take it on a long walk (we live near lots of parks and a beach) and played with outside for most of the evening. Is three hours too long to leave a dog by itself? Any tips or books I should read? Thanks.

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  1. Emma says:

    AVOID ‘Goldadors’ – their just poorly bred golden retriver cross Labs, with a fancy label and overpriced price tag to attract the clueless buyer – for example, you wouldn’t pay over 500quid if it was advertised as a Mutt, would you?
    Good with kids/animals will depend on the dog, not necessrily the breed – I had a golden cross poodle who I was training to be a guide dog – he failed to qualify as a guide dog and could not be homed to a family with young children due to his unpredictable behaviour. His sister, however was a gem to work with and qualified as a guide dog and is now homed to a family with 3 young children, one of which is blind.
    I had a golden Retreiver a few years back who was a nightmare sent from hell – he attacked my younger sister, and attacked our neighbours livestock.
    I have a border collie who is a retired working dog. We had to retire him early as he used to chase (not herd) the livestock and basically terrorised thema nd actually caught and killed two lambs.
    Dogs that are generally good with kids would be the Golden Retriever, Newfoundland, Great Dane and Lab, However the newf and Dane are giant breeds so I’d say your best bet would be the Golden Or Lab – beware of some faulty bloodlines, goldens currently rank number 3 on the bite parade – actually beating the Ameican pit bull terrier. Of course, you’d need to do your research on both breeds first before making any decisions.

  2. j says:

    Okay so here’s some info about dogs that spring to mind. It seems to me that as no animal was specified non-hunting breeds were probably best.
    English Springer Spaniel
    The typical English Springer Spaniel is friendly, eager to please, quick to learn and willing to obey. They are an affectionate and easy-going family dog. They were bred to flush out game and are quite energetic but they know when to have a good snooze.
    Golden Retriever
    Goldies were bred to retrieve water fowl. They are responsive, easy to train and easygoing. They are very good with children.
    Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
    Okay, they have a long name 🙂 They were bred to play by the water to attract the interest if foxes for shooting. Novas are intelligent, alert, high energy dogs that are affectionate with family members and other dogs and are known for being good with children

  3. Georgia says:

    during my whole life i have had 7 border collies. i have never had a problem with them. my current one is amazing with my 7month old nephew. border collies are medium size dogs, i walk mine round a 3 acre feild twice a day and loves playing ball. jess(dogs name) is left at home when i am at school for 5 hours and she is completely fine. just make sure its water bowl is filled up. i recommend any longer that 5 hours left alone leave it in the garden so it doesn’t go to the toilet in your house. border collie boys are better behaved than girls. both are very intelligent. border collies need lots of exercise and they originally come from working on farms. good luck with your new dog 🙂

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